Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Our motto for the year: Buy less Make more!

 We're pretty good anyway but this year I really want us to challenge ourselves in being even more conscious about how we live!  One of my biggest reasons for turning to vintage in the first place (a side from the fact that it's just SO beautiful!) is that it meant no longer contributing to the huge and wasteful throw away society we have become.

Well this year I want to take it a step further and really learn from our grandparents by adopting their wartime lifestyles.  I want to get my sewing machine out more, replant the garden so that we have our own vegetables, use natural cleaning products over store bought chemicals (aka baking soda and vinegar), stop buying the foods I could be making, invest in some chickens, support the local farmers markets and hit the second hand stores even MORE for goodies we need.  We need to tighten our belts in a big way now that we have a baby on the way so I really can't think of a better time to change the way we live and save some pennies.

So what do you?  Are you with me?!  Can we make our grandparents proud??


  1. Oh oh the squirrels are with you totally on this!!!! We are hoping this next faze in life will make for a big change in what we eat, buy and just live for.
    Love V

  2. I am all over this idea. DIY is the best way to go!
    Oh, and I've given you a blogging award at my site. Check it out if you can. :)

  3. That's right up my alley. I feel the same. Although I like having a wide selection of clothes to choose from it every day, I sometimes feel bad about buying too much new clothes. So buying vintage clothes is an alternative. Our daughter who was a vegan for one and a half year and is a vegetarian now is very strict in such things. She buys her clothes often from kleiderkreisel.de. That's a German file-sharing site. She convinced us also to avoid the waste of food especially when it comes to meat, milk and eggs. So we try hard to buy only the right amount of food and always eat the leftovers. I think my daughter is completely right and actually everyone would have to know that if he reads newspapers and listens to news.
    I wish you lots of luck with your DIY projects and I am curious to see more about them on your blog soon. Hugs from Miss Maple