Monday, January 21, 2013

Days like this

I feel sort of silly for complaining right now because really life is fantastic BUT this week I've been feeling really pregnant!  Up until now it has been quite a breeze to be honest and I've absolutely been loving it.  Somehow after visiting the midwife last week though and finding that the baby is lying posterior I have lost some of my confidence.  I stupidly spent days googling what 'posterior' really meant and completely stressed myself out.  A stupid thing to do!  Then as a result of sitting on a swiss ball for hours at a time, scrubbing the floor on my hands and knees (because crawling is supposed to help) and trying to make sure I am only sleeping on my left side I've given myself a sore back and my neck is playing up again.  I seriously need to chill out!  Today I'm off to a pregnancy osteopath to see if that can't help convince the baby that it should roll over.  Suddenly I also don't have the energy I had any more.  I'm trying to learn to take it easy and not feel guilty about it, lots of afternoon naps and mornings out in the sun reading my book!

Yesterday afternoon was so beautiful though.  After stopping by the antenatal teachers house to borrow her birthing pool (so generous of her and saving us a few hundred dollars!) we headed out to my grandfathers house for a swim.  The beach was dead calm and deserted (as you might expect on a Monday afternoon) so skinny dipping and nudie sunbathing was the order of the day... hence no real people photos sorry!  If I wasn't getting cold I think I could have stayed in the water all day.

Anyway sorry about the grumbling.  It really hasn't been a bad week, just exhausting. Better get used to that I guess!

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