Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Summer diners: Bbq'd pizza (for Saba!)

 Hmmm so the first attempt wasn't a huge success but they got better!

Did you know that you can bbq a pizza?!  Nor did I, but that's what we did last night and it was delicious!
In fact I think bbq'd is the only way I want to eat my pizza from now on.  It seems that the key is not to load too much on, tomato sauce, some good cheese and handful of fresh basil leaves is all you really need.  And then of course it wouldn't be a proper Italian style dinner if we didn't have fresh mozzarella, with tomatos and basil from the garden would it now!  The only thing missing was the wine (sigh, won't be long now).
* Psst Saba... I know your first attempt didn't go so well so I just thought I'd rub it in a bit ;).

And then right at the end Elena (my mum) thought it might be interesting to throw a banana on the bbq.  Sure it doesn't look terribly appetising, but mmmm it was delicious!  Just lacked the ice cream.

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