Friday, September 6, 2013


This was one of those days when I probably should have stayed in bed. My noes was running non stop, my head was pounding, my eyes red and itchy.  You get the idea.  But outside there was barely a cloud in the sky and I couldn't bare to miss the first day of Spring.  Bugger it lets hit the beach!
Let's not head out too far, we thought.  Three hours, a coffee stop, a wrong direction and non pram friendly track later and we finally made it to Muriwai!  By that stage I was dragging my feet, Ayana was barely holding it together and Nic was taking us off the beaten track.  Still, there's something about this place.  There's something about most West coast beaches.  It's like the air is electric (negative ions apparently).  It's those sparkling black sand dunes, that ferocious sea, that rugged tussock clinging to edge.  It takes your breath away every time and fills you with an indescribable energy.
Two days later my head cold was gone, taken by the wind, as my mum would say.
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