Sunday, September 15, 2013

A quick getaway (Matakana and Warkworth)

On Saturday morning we stumbled out of bed with bleary eyes (let's face it, when are our eyes ever not bleary these days!), threw some clothes into a bag, bundled the little one into the car and hit the road before the first coffee had made it into our blood stream.
My big birthday wish was for the three of us to go away for a weekend, preferably a weekend that revolved around food.  We had driven through Matakana once before on market day and peered out of the car window enviously as people ambled down the road clutching their exotic sausages and designer cheeses.  We knew we had to come back one day.  As it happened the third weekend of every month serves up a double wammy with the farmers market on Saturday and an indie craft market on Sundays.  Plus a friend had very kindly let us have her little house for the night (thank you Viki!!). 

So we sat on the edge of the river shading ourselves from the sun one minute and cowering under our umbrella the next. And then we ate, and we ate, and we groaned with pain, and then we ate a little more.  It was disgusting really.  I mean the food was amazing, but the quantities, aghh we were bad.

The rest of the weekend was spent exploring Warkworth, sifting through junk, admiring crafty people, eating just a little more... and then... well we're terrible at going on holiday!  I have to admit by early Sunday avo we were tired, a little bored, rather cranky and so decided to hit the road.  Still, not a bad little get away.  You need one of those every now and then, in fact I wish we did these over nighters more often.  Bring on summer I say!

More info about Matakana and the awesome markets here.


  1. Oh sweet what a wonderful get away....Happy Birthday!!!! Your little person must be growing so so cute.
    Much love V