Sunday, September 22, 2013

Cabin fever

We really felt cabin fever creeping up on us by the end of this week.  If there's one thing Ayana and I aren't good at it's spending a lot of time holed up in the house.  I didn't trust the weather one bit (it changes so quickly here in Auckland) but we finally decided to take the risk.  We stayed really local this time and headed to Browns Bay beach where there are plenty of cafes to shelter from the rain in if need be.  Wow I have never seen the coast like this before, it was stunning!  The tide was extremely low (I wondered whether it had something to do with the full moon recently) so you could just keep on walking forever.  And it was warm enough that I quickly threw off my shoes and tip toed through the water.  It felt so good to be outside and away from the housework, piles of unfolded nappies and the half cooked dinner!

It has felt like a bit of a rough week due to a young lady not doing much sleeping in the night.  She's been feeding up to 6 or 7 times a night and I'm utterly exhausted!  We've been racking our brains as to how we might be able to help her sleep longer but so far none of the options feel quite right.  Anyway tomorrow a new week begins and I have high hopes... despite beginning it with a trip to the dentist!
You can find more information about Browns Bay and the coastal walk here.


  1. Oh sweet take must be so hard with disturbed sleep. A walk along the beach on a beautiful day always recharges the soul.
    Love V

  2. It's been so good to catchup on your posts....I hope bubs starts to give you some solid sleep too. I often think of the weather in Auckland as being can change so quickly. It's been a week since we left & I'm missing those grey sky days. Xx