Thursday, March 6, 2014

EVENT: NZ Vintage Fashion Museum exhibition

New Zealand made vintage has always been a bit of a mystery to me.  It's not that I have anything against it or think we had no particular fashion sense, it's because it is so incredibly difficult to track down!  It seems that anything before the mid 60s just sort of vanished (or is still tucked away in grannies closet).  Back when I had the vintage store it was always a great day if I stumbled across an earlier piece with a 'Made in NZ' label hand sewn into the back, or an old designer I recognised.  Part of me just wanted to pack it away for safe keeping.  I know of course that during the war and in the time afterwards, almost all clothing was sewn at home.  You didn't head down to your local clothing store and pick something off the rack, rather you would wait impatiently for the latest pattern books to come out at your fabric store and devour the pages in search of the latest styles from Europe and America.  Then you would zip home, jump on your old sewing machine and whip up the closest resembling frocks possible.  How times have changed.

Anyway if you're as curious about these old treasured garments as I am then you have a precious few days to head down to the Silo in Auckland for the New Zealand Vintage Museum exhibition.  I had the pleasure of meeting founder Doris Du Pont for coffee one afternoon a couple of years ago (whilst setting up a Dashfield pop up shop on High St) and was blown away, if not a little intimidated by her knowledge and fashion experience.  I can almost guarantee that this exhibition is going to be a goodie with her at the helm.

I'm hoping to make it down there tomorrow so will be sure to report back for those of you that can't make it.
Venue:  Silo 6 at Silo Park in Wynyard Quarter
Address:  Silo Park, Jellicoe Street, Auckland, New Zealand
Date:  1 - 9 March, open daily (except Mon and Tues) from noon to 6 pm
Ticket:  Free

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